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Participation au projet CLUSMED

ICT4ALL 2015  Conférence internationale sur ClusMED plumeseconomiques EBCS took part in the CLUSMED project initiated by the European Commission, and attended work sessions to map Moroccan ICT regulations with regards to key societal challenges. The project reinforces ICT Regulations for e-Transformationin support of Societal Challenges.


In this view the European Commission is supporting the ClusMED initiative, with the aim of mapping the National ICT Regulations in 5 Mediterranean Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia) and benchmarking them with European countries status, experiences and best practices.

This conference brought together all stakeholders under one roof including researchers, policy makers, industrial communities and civil society to discuss the challenges and benefits of mutual cooperation on regulatory chal-lenges. They will discuss their priorities for the future, highlighting the role of ICT regulation in support of e-transformation in MED Countries, benchmarking with European model and setting up a road map for best practic-es, exploiting the creation of sustainable EU-MED partnership on ICT regulation implementation.


EBCS was invited as a panelist for the ICT Regulations for e-Transformation in support of Societal Challenges session ; and took part in the workshops that followed.